Email Writing

These days, most if not all companies that command an online presence use email marketing as part of their core strategy for engaging target audiences. Marketing Emails are an excellent way to deliver meaningful content directly to your customers. Optimized emails and newsletters, worded so they spark the curiosity of your readers and interest of your business partners, cam provide successful short and long-term results for your website.

Skillfully crafted emails and newsletters produced by professional writers must meet certain standards. Above all else, they should include a compelling call to action. This is your opportunity to engage your clients in lucrative up sells, cross sales, and more – make the most of it!

Additionally, marketing emails must contain a catchy subject line and memorable message. The email structure should enhance readability, making it possible for readers to grasp the most important information effortlessly.

At Falcon Freelance, I place my customized email writing service in your hands, helping your business create email content that captivates readers.

What do I offer?

  • Business emails
  • Newsletters
  • Requests for Payments
  • Formal correspondence
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Notifications for Clients
  • Invitations
  • Personal emails

My emails are custom made to meet your needs. You’ll receive 100% Original Content prepared to engage, entice and solicit the most productive response. Every message sent through your email marketing campaign will seek to grab the attention of readers, while delivered in a confident and professional tone that assures expertise.

My Experience

  • 12 Years of Experience in Content Marketing & Article Writing.
  • Over 200 Web Articles Written & Edited.
  • Native Level English & Spanish.
  • 1,000’s of Website &Product Reviews.
  • Over 50 Press Releases Written.
  • Have worked alone (freelance) and managed groups of up to 25 writers.
  • Payment Methods: Bank Wire, Paypal, Skrill or Paxum.
  • No Project is Too Big or Too Small!