Content that Captures the Imagination

John Falcon

Copywriting Professional with 12 Years of Experience

Welcome to! If you’re reading this, it means you’re considering hiring a writer to help with your website. You know about the importance of high-quality content, its effects on visitors and search engines. Perhaps you tried working with an outsourced writer before and had a negative experience. Maybe you tried to do it yourself and realized it’s too difficult, boring and time-consuming. Obviously, you want to build the best possible website within your budget, which means finding skilled yet cost-effective professionals who can deliver a product that rises above the standard. Easier said than done.  

I’ve been writing articles, blog posts, press releases and web content for twelve years. My experience ranges across various industries and clients, small and large-scale projects, some of which I completed alone, others as the leader of various writing teams. Falcon Freelance is my personalized brand of writing service. As my client, you’re guaranteed a final product that is well researched, informative and tailor-made for your website and its business – but, most importantly, compelling to your clients.

Why Hiring a Competent Writer is Important

Which would you prefer: to work with a professional writer who appreciates the need for attention to detail and a client’s urgency to be understood; or a faceless “team” of so-called writers who’ll complete your project quickly and move on to the next, without stopping to think about what you need. Do you see the difference?

Solid marketing strategies hinge on knowing what makes your product special and conveying that concept to your clients. The message must travel from your head to the writer’s page without losing its essence. The writer must improve upon your idea to make it sound interesting and catchy (musical, almost) and therefore memorable for readers.