Web Content

Falcon Freelance has a staff of professional trained website copywriters with deep knowledge of analytics, organic search engine optimization (SEO) and writing for the web-based audience.

Several factors go into creating website content copy which all need equal consideration and implementation.

  • Formatting For Web Based Readers:
    Reading websites is not the same as reading books, flyers, pamphlets or any other print-based medium. Web readers scan more than they read, and your copy needs to be optimized for that behavior. Long, dense paragraphs are fine for mailers, flyers and books, but a web audience needs to find the important, key information within seconds.
  • SEO:
    The text content of your website has everything to do with how well you rank for keywords. Search engine technology has approved, and the era of nonsense piles of keyword rich text is over. Ranking well does not mean you have to sacrifice the power and quality of your website’s content.
  • Analytics:
    How do users interact with the written word on screen? What are their hotspots, how do you capture attention, and how do you motivate them to take action? Our writers understand and participate in the professional dialogue that surrounds these issues, and creates content that is optimized to do it all.
  • Media Content:
    The videos and images portrayed in your page are one of the most important areas to focus on. As with texts, clear images and organized clips are essential to attract attention. We have proffessionals with expertise. Know more on our Video Edition and Image Preparation page.