Ghostwriting Services

eBooks and white papers are an essential part of online marketing campaigns.

Whether promoting your position as an authority in a specific field or helping consumers jump off the fence and make a purchase, Falcon Freelance has writers that will write the powerful copy you need to be successful.

As ghostwriters we won’t appear as authors of the papers or ebooks, instead they’re published under your name. You get the credit and the praise, we just get paid.

Contact us about ghostwriting services and lets see what we can do for you.

Optimized for Web Translations

Converting your web content to another language with inexperienced, non-web writing translators could be costing you serious traffic.

Literal translations don’t always make the best keywords in another language. Our translators can take your text, research it and alter the keywords to more potent and powerful ones during the translation process. This ensures your squeezing all the visits possible out of each of your translated texts.

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Site Monitoring and Optimization Services

Falcon Freelance contracts with businesses to monitor and optimize their websites.

Sometimes this means monitoring web analytics in combination with drafting new web copy, tweaking old web copy and constantly changing links, tags and other vital elements in keeping the site competitive in the search engines.

Other times it focuses entirely on maintaining the content that is already there and making small changes while building links and creating other off-site content.

And still other times it may not be anything like the two above cases. It really depends on your site, your business model, and your competition.

Tell us about your goals, your business, and the challenges you’ve been facing and we can put together a proposal to help you grow your traffic.

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Freelance SEO Services

If you build it, they still might not come.

Unfortunately web design studios may not have told you that, and too often small business owners with little online experience just assume they need a website, build one, and think they’re done.

Months later, with zero leads generated from the site and little traffic, they think they’ve blown their money.

You haven’t, you’re just not playing the game yet.

You do need that website, just look at the facts: 90% of surfers buy products online or research products online before buying them–still think your website is a waste?

All you need is traffic, and to get traffic you need to have an internet marketing strategy. Falcon Freelance can help you gain more traffic from search engines, guiding you through the steps and creating unique, powerful content to thrust you to the top of the search results.

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